Markogi offers delicious quality products, made using Bulgarian and foreign recipes. We are proud of our completely natural products, where we never use chemical additives, preservatives or stabilizers of any kind.Markogi Products - lutenitsa, marinated capia, stuffed vine and cabbage leaves, frozen vegetables, frozen fruits Read More


Canned foods are often overlooked as a convenient source of nutrition. You may be surprised to learn that many canned foods are bursting with nutrients and are an easy way to add vitamins and minerals to your diet.Markogi recipes for Healthy meals with canned vegetablesRead More


The main policy of our company is to rely more on the quality of the products, rather than the quantity. Most of our products are hand-made by well-trained and experienced staff, with years of practice in the food industry.Markogi - About Us- Markogi offers quality and delicious canned food, conserves, frozen vegetables and fruits Read More